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Team Building

Team building

is not just about being able to play paint ball together.


In the fast-paced and multicultural world of business, where teams are often scattered across borders and diverse backgrounds, creating cohesion is a significant challenge. Connection and vulnerability-based trust play a pivotal role in high-performing teams. Trust is the glue that holds teams together, and fostering vulnerability-based trust takes intentional effort.


Discovering what we have in common as a team, the richness of our different multicultural background and how we complement each other foster team bonding. Having open discussions where different perspectives are not just welcomed but celebrated, creates an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued.


I accompany teams, either at their birth to set the right basis, or at a later stage (when things are not going so well) to develop vulnerability based trust. Once this starts living, we work on how the team functions, its dynamics and uncover its implicit pattern(s). By working on its implicit patterns we raise the  team’s level of self-awareness as a whole and as individuals.

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On a team, trust is all about vulnerability, which is difficult for most people. {Patrick Lencioni}