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Alexandra Karlović

International Executive Coach



I am an idealist, who always wants to improve things around me, situations, myself. I am quite perseverant which in the past has lead me sometimes to obstination and blindness. My idealism has lead me first to study Political Sciences and work in that field. (you can view my full curriculum on LinkedIn) I wanted to improve the world. It took me several episodes of frustration and a lot of pondering to come to the conclusion 20 years ago that the path I had chosen wasn’t having the impact I had imagined and hoped for. I decided to pursue a career based on my, until then, side education.

Although I used to be a shy and fearful little girl, I have always been passionate about people and driven by wanting to understand myself and others. That drive lead me to different trainings: Leadership Academy, 25 years ago, in San Diego with Tony Robbins , NLP with  Robert Dilts & Judith DeLozier at the University of Santa Cruz, Positive Psychology with Tal Ben Shahar, former Harvard’s Professor on the Science of Happiness, in Transactional Analysis (Brussels), Brief Systemic Therapy at the Bateson Institute (Liège), Non-violent communication with Marshall Rosenberg (Brussels) …  I have applied what I learned to myself, sometimes with success, sometimes not, and with the support of therapy and many hours of supervision I learned from my failures and raised my self-awareness which literally changed my life.

I was born and raised in Belgium, where I live. I have multicultural origins (half Serbian, half Dutch), lived abroad mainly to learn languages and worked around the world. Today I speak several languages. I coach and train in French, English, Spanish and Italian. I also train bilingual groups where the training is in English but people can intervene in French and Dutch. With a deep understanding of multicultural environments and fluency in my languages, I can bring a global perspective and stay away from unnecessary cultural biases.

I am known for my integrity, energy and contagious enthusiasm. My dynamic training style is infused with passion and zest, making the learning journey enjoyable and impactful. I have helped individuals and teams achieve tangible, sustainable improvements in their leadership through their emotional intelligence, leading to enhanced relationships and satisfaction. To read what a few customers say about me, check the reference page.

In the last 20 years I have trained and coached hundreds of people from Morocco to the US, passing through Italy, Spain, France, the UK and Belgium where I live. I train and coach teams and individuals in Multinationals, SMEs and the European Institutions where I am part of the Female Talent Development trainers pool with outstanding results.

Some of you might be thinking while reading this: how lucky is she, and have the insane hallucination that all of this was easy … It wasn’t. It took a lot of study, perseverance, determination, overcoming all sorts of challenges, staying focused, reading, trainings, therapy, supervision but also energy and tremendous joy.

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The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man. { George Bernard Shaw }