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Smile & laugh and recharge.

In 1988, German psychologist Fritz Strack of the Manheim University, did an experiment to study the power of a smile and pretended this was for people who had lost the use of their hands. Volunteers were asked to rate cartoons on the basis of how funny they were. While watching

A sane quarantine and growth in the process.

In the last two weeks I have been writing articles that actually, when put together, constitute a nice little list of strategies that can help you make the confinement more bearable and actually have lasting effects even after the quarantine :) If you feel it is

La vita e bella (about meaning)

Do you remember this movie? Do you remember how many people around the world were moved by this movie and how many people including myself discovered Roberto Benigni? If you haven't seen the movie now would be a good time to see it. The movie is classified

Emotions & coronavirus (y viva españa!)

I woke up this morning feeling sad. I usually don't listen to the news in the morning, but now I can't seem to stop myself from doing so. Maybe out of curiosity, hope, need of reassurance? I don't know. Because I am a European, I

per l’italia

Ciao Bella, sta mattina mi sono alzata e ho pensato a te. Sentivo gli uccellini che stavano cantando, mi stupiva di non sentire l'areo che, al solito sento presto la mattina. Che piacere! Per un motivo che mi sfugge, i miei pensieri si sono affollati

Cuomo & corona (leadership skills)

Anyone who has been watching Grey's Anatomy diligently, has seen this fantastic scene when Miranda Bailey, getting fed up with the lack of leadership of her interns, puts them all on a severe case that just got in, closes the door, locks it and watches

Why your values matter now

Yesterday we tackled the fact that, what we will have learned from the Coronavirus, will dictate many decisions we will take in the future; individually and as a society. I believe we can safely say that this is and will be a defining moment in our lives. There is

Avatar & coronavirus.

I am not a science fiction movie kinda gal. But when Avatar came out, a friend insisted on us seeing it and so I did. I don't remember much of the movie (sorry), but I do remember two scenes: Jake's speech where he calls up on Ai'wa