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Diamond Dogs Club (men only)

There is growing awareness that men’s mental health is going through a crisis.

While progress has been made in addressing men’s mental health issues, there is still much work to be done to ensure that men feel empowered to access the support they need. Men’s mental health can be positively influenced by encouraging emotional expression and seeking help when needed.


By working on a concrete issue you are facing, we start digging into You and start raising your self-awareness. From this initial subject, stems your personal development plan, making it extremely customised. This approach allows you to gain time and depth compared to an approach where you would be following a pre-defined program. In between sessions I give you tasks to keep the momentum going and challenge you in your on-hands learning.


We will focus specifically on your leadership development through emotional intelligence. I work with C-suite leaders and  high-level decision-makers who want to lead positively and be the best version of themselves. I work with executives who want to grow. I am your trusted sounding board and through this process you will get to know yourself better, increase your emotional intelligence and develop your relational intelligence.


Am I the right coach for you ?


My coaching is about emotional intelligence and all that is linked (self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, relational intelligence) If you want to get out of the rut your are in, then know, that emotional intelligence will help you navigate the path to self-discovery and embrace your authentic self. You will be guided through a journey of introspection, you will uncover your values, your needs, your strengths, become aware of your communication style and much more. You will raise your level of self-awareness like never before.


By opening up and being heard, you will feel a sense of relief. You will experience the liberation of being yourself, free from contradictory societal injonctions. You will do that by developing your personal emotional intelligence, expressing your feelings, showing your vulnerability in a safe environment. 


Our work together is a partnership. I am here to guide you through your challenges with curiosity and a desire to learn how to do things differently. I will teach you what you need to know so you feel equipped and confident, but I can only do that if you’re all in, wanting to grow and step up. I only accept clients who do.


After 20 years of experience, in training and coaching men from all different backgrounds around the world in Management, Leadership and Sales, I strongly believe that by developing their emotional intelligence men can feel better about themselves in today’s society and be better leaders.


By giving me the opportunity to support you, you will redefine what it means to be a vulnerable, yet strong man. 

ALERT: Coaching is a big responsibility. When you pick a coach find out where they were trained and who their supervisor is. (Fundamental !) If the answer to any of those two questions is vague, this is a red flag. Not all of us are ICF accredited for different reasons. I consciously decided not to, but I do stand by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Core Values and Ethics.

Ready to step up?

Work With Me

CEOs are hired for their intellect and business expertise – and fired for a lack of emotional intelligence. {Daniel Goleman}