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What would you say if

I promise that

  • you will gain clarity on the challenge you are facing.
  • you will gain self-awareness and social awareness.
  • you will be able to understand better what your emotions are trying to tell you.
  • you will therefore be able to better self-regulate and help others do so.
  • you will learn how to self-coach yourself.
  • you will improve your confidence.
  • you will improve your emotional intelligence.
  • you will improve your capacity to connect.
  • you will improve your self-esteem.
  • you will feel energised.
  • you will feel challenged.
  • you will feel supported.

and much more …









Executive coaching for Women

When it comes to coaching C-suite women or women with the ambition to lead, I have observed over the years specific patterns that can hold some of these ladies back. These women find it hard to take their space, be assertive, confidently share their ideas and break the glass ceiling. I am on a mission to help these women find their voice.

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Team Building

Between the hybrid world, the distance and the digital communication tools, people have lost the art of connecting, which is so fundamental to us as a society, and the social animals we are. My team buildings are all about connecting and developing vulnerability based trust.

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Diamond Dogs Club (Men only)

The Diamond dogs club is a group where c-suite leaders can chat and pour their hearts out without solving any problem. It is a safe place where men can embrace their vulnerability, open up and feel supported without jugement. It is a place where men learn to express their feelings, label their emotions, communicate authentically and develop their emotional intelligence.

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Emotional Intelligence Training

In the fast-paced world of today, success isn’t just about technical skills – it’s about understanding and managing emotions, both yours and others’ and influencing each other positively and for the greater good. Emotional intelligence is key in navigating the complexities of the modern workplace.

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