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Executive Coaching

The word “executive” really stands for the professional environment. At work, we can experience some challenges achieving our objectives, dealing with certain people, managing a team or many other things. Most managers, executives, have not been prepared for the interpersonal challenges these positions require. I intervene in different organisations to support people in overcoming those challenges and growing as a result.

Personal Coaching

In our day to day life, we encounter sometimes challenges that end up being either interpersonal challenges or internal conflicts. Sorting it out by oneself does not necessarily lead to more clarity for the simple reason that we only have access to one part of ourselves. This is where the coach plays an essential role. In a benevolent and caring relationship, I help you see what you cannot see or see what you see with different eyes.

Group coaching

Group coaching is not team building. The group coaching I propose is a sort of café where everyone comes with their challenge and together we participate as a group in the coaching process. The Group coaching sessions are for the time being only available for the Professional environment. This is particularly interesting after a training, for the same group that attended the training as a follow-up or for juniors who are not sure where to start their personal development. As I facilitate the coaching process, the group brings the strength, the benevolence, the environment that makes it possible for everybody to learn.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. {Albert Einstein}