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Why we need empathy

09/11, I step into a cab in Bogota, Colombia, taking me to my office. On the radio, the news: a plane has hit one of the Twin Towers in NYC. By the time I get to the office, switch on the TV, a second plane

Cultivating gratitude (Part2)

It's Monday 23.03.2020, we are in confinement due to the Coronavirus. How do I chose to start my day? A quick early morning walk in the park to take some air, get some vitamine D, at a time when I have

Cultivating gratitude (Part1)

If Fear will get you (hopefully) to wash your hands, social distancing yourself and staying at home, Gratitude can help you make it all more bearable, even enjoyable. In my article yesterday, I mentioned that our brain is not

Why fear is important?

Here in Belgium, we are not in strict confinement despite the fact that the Chinese who have come to help the Italians, and who seem to have got the Covid19 under control, have noticed that the confinement in Italy was not strict enough which explains

Make your bed.

I like bed linen. There is something delightful about changing bed linen and experiencing the crisp cotton when you go to bed at night. Obviously my cat likes it when I make my bed. A moment of play, where we can bond by rising our