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The experience Alexandra offered me was really different. First there is energy, real energy! But she was also way more convincing than the other coaches I met. The reason is that Alexandra truly believes in what she teaches us and applies it over and over across her different trainings, giving that content purpose and power. I admire the way she manages to guide people in finding solutions by themselves, thanks to her active listening and some well placed questions. If I'm writing this recommendation now, it's because Alexandra truly cares. She cares about people, their development and their wellbeing. If you want to grow, give her a go!

Bruno Cats

Head of Edge Team @ N-SIDE / Lead Software Engineer

I have followed two of Alexandra’s courses at the European Commission, one just before COVID times and the other one more recently, remotely. Both proved to be extremely useful and came at the right moment in my career evolution. I found them informative, full of practical take-aways and useful insights but, more importantly, very motivating and uplifting. After a session with Alexandra, be it in person or remotely, I get out energised and ready to move mountains. I like her communication style a lot and I particularly appreciate her take on leadership, vulnerability, courage and authenticity.


Deputy Head of Unit – European Commission

Alexandra shared with Frontex staff a fantastic inspirational presentation during our online Christmas party. High quality content, fun, sparkling, full of warmth and empathy are just the first words coming to my mind when getting back to those nice memories. We just felt all lucky to be there. During our first preparatory meeting, Alexandra directly understood what I was looking for and I felt we are completely on the same page right from the start! If you do not work at least once with Alexandra, you actually really miss something, and your company too.

Clotilde Simonis-Gorska

Internal Communications at Frontex

Alexandra is an amazing coach! It has been a real pleasure to work with her over the last 5 years. She has a huge intuition about people, she is a golden mine in terms of (scientific!) knowledge about positive psychology/emotional intelligence/leadership, and she is such an energetic and warm person. With her, I have addressed uncomfortable topics, I have learned a lot about myself, I have gone through tough times, I've become a better leader, and above all I have learned how to keep growing. I quote her very often with my team 🙂 Thank you so much Alexandra !!

Sophie Marquet

VP Energy at N-SIDE

I really appreciate the guidance you provide me. Thank you very much. Alexandra is an outstanding coach. She quickly understands her interlocutor’s weak points and manages how to support them in getting improvements positively. In addition, she has excellent time management. She is sensitive and very strict at the same time. Wherever your career is, I warmly suggest attending her coaching if you want to get a career boost that is challenging to find elsewhere.

Mara Bottone

Lawyer at Law Firm of Mara G. Bottone

Dear Alexandra,
Thanks again for the training – your expertise was apparent, your energy contagious and you made a frightful subject fun! As someone who has been (and aspires to be) a trainer, I can testify how difficult this is, and yet you made it seem easy.I’m a great fan of Simon Sinek’s insights on leadership and I hope to see this sort of management culture permeate our organisations in the years to come (with the help of some of us hopefully 😉
Let’s keep in touch!
All best,


European Commission

Alexandra is a great coach: direct and to the point but friendly and witty; very professional and efficient, but establishing from the first moment a relation of proximity and a feeling of honesty and trust. Alexandra helped me preparing myself for a demanding set of professional interviews in the context of a senior management post selection procedure. This was a great and successful experience, and Alexandra’s diagnosis and precious advice produced immediate and tangible results. Alexandra proved to be great at quickly spotting my strengths but also what could stand in the way of them deploying their maximum impact. She helped me being more focussed, articulate, simple and spontaneous. As I think she reminded me, quoting Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. But Alexandra’s magic is that she empowers you to be a greater yourself. What more could we expect to make a difference?


Director – European Commission

Ce qui m'a marqué le plus chez Alexandra est sa diversité culturelle ainsi que son intelligence émotionnelle qui lui ont permis de s’intégrer et d'établir facilement la communication avec différentes cultures (à un moment donné nous avons tous eu l'impression qu'elle était Marocaine). Personnellement j'ai eu l'opportunité de participer à deux formations animées par Alexandra dans le cadre du programme Soft Skills, à vrai dire j'en ai tiré beaucoup de prise de conscience que j'essaie d'appliquer dans ma vie pro et dans ma vie perso :
- Avoir des ancrages dans la vie, un outil pour faciliter le changement et/ou préapprentissage de nouveaux comportements.
- Détecter un pervers narcissique et la stratégie d’éviter d’être manipulé par lui
- Ne pas considérer la non réussite comme un échec mai plutôt un apprentissage
- Chaque jour j'essai de faire ressortir 3 meilleurs moments de joie ....
Je t'en remercie vu que j'ai pu être autonome sur les points susmentionnés et comme tu le disais toujours Alexandra : `` la meilleur façon de rendre service à l'autre est de le rendre autonome et ne pas le mettre en situation de dépendance à vous.
J'espère te revoir dans les futurs formations inchallah .

Yassine Zahhaf

Program Controls Senior Manager – OCP group – Maroc

Alexandra is throughly inspiring, energising and passionate. She is remarkable in many ways and a rare pearl. Alexandra gives the best of herself to make your own learning a great journey of personal development. She was my trainer for a management course on emotional intelligence and leadership. In my 20 years at the EU, she really stands out as a trainer. She is blessed with an astonishing EQ and truly cares. She has been a catalyst for my own transformative growth process - which is ongoing. I am immensely grateful to her. Alexandra is also extremely knowledgeable and relies on an amazing repertoire of books from which she quotes abundantly. The most recent research on neuroscience, neuro-plasticity and NLP for growth are shared with deep conviction. Alexandra makes from story-telling a true art and fun which enhances learning through real-live and juicy examples. Enjoy the ride!

Mieke Vanderstraeten

Professional Coach – China expert – EU Official

Alexandra has a true vocation for coaching, she will push all the right buttons to make you improve on a professional scale. She is a sensitive listener and tailor-makes advice on the basis of what she hears and sees. With the right mix of diplomacy and straight-talk, she will accompany you on the road to reach your career goals. The best bit is that you will do all this while also having fun and discovering new sides of yourself. I would whole-heartedly recommend Alexandra for any professional coaching.


Head of Unit – European Commission

Both in the form and content, Alexandra is delivering the best, most actionable coaching sessions on the very precise topics, that are as every bit as useful as they are personalised! Best thing is, you don't even have to know where to start !

Jean-Baptiste Mairy

Life Sciences Product Director at N-SIDE

Working with Alexandra was just what I needed at this exact moment of my career. She provided me with invaluable advice on how to tackle my career and leadership challenges and, most importantly, she made me realize where my potential lies and to exploit it. All this with a clear focus on values, as a key element of the learning process that allowed me to continue to progress towards achieving my goals. Alexandra is moreover the perfect example of how this process can be fun, always with a smile and great dose of good humour. Not a surprise that I have followed several trainings and coaching sessions with Alexandra and will certainly continue to do so in the future! Хвала вам!


Head of Unit – European Commission

Alexandra led us through several courses of the Female Talent Development Programme of the European Commission. The course I followed with her was called the ``Leadership Lab`` which included training and coaching. Myself and others were so fortunate to do this training with Alexandra since she demonstrated outstanding capabilities, and an impressive expertise and experience during the 5-day course programme. She is one of the most exceptional learning professionals that I encountered during my 30 years of professional career and she shared and continues to share knowledge with the participants beyond the programme to help us continue grow. Thanks to her guidance and incredible dedication and passion, we developed a suitcase full of relevant learnings to implement leadership skills founded on our core European values such as equality and equity, democracy, fairness, transparency, inclusiveness and growing together. Key learnings are that succesful people leaders of today are those that are common goal-oriented, embrace ``growing together``, creativity, open communication and bi-directional feedback, demonstrate a high sense of humanity, positivity and use motivational, responsible leadership styles. Together with those enrolled in this course we continue to implement our core European values and these key learnings when leading our EC teams.

Sandra Coecke

EU-NETVAL Coordinator, EURL ECVAM, European Commission, Joint Research Centre

I have met Alexandra Karlović in the frame of the Lab Management Training offered by EU platform to the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA managers.
Since the very first encounter, I have been very impressed by the extraordinary capabilities of bringing a large group of people from different Agencies and Organizations attending the course to have a much better awareness of themselves: a deeper awareness at personal level and at external environment level as well.
She has shown a brilliant ability to help, through well balanced theoretical/practical sessions, each one of us to identify and modulate our managerial styles and ensure the best impact, engagement on our teams as actual and/or future managers. Furthermore, the most valuable experience with Alexandra is related to coaching group sessions (...)
(...) Overall I felt that I grew and developed tremendously becoming much more mature as responsible section manager and even more as a more conscious adult able to solve complex issues without breaking the authenticity of the relationships at work and at personal level.

European Aviation Safety Agency EASA

(...) Tras una primera contacto telefónico, Alexandra (...) accedió a asesorarme y guiarme en este mundo de las entrevistas de trabajo y que Dios la bendiga porque marcó una gran diferencia. Sus consejos y enseñanzas no solamente fueron esenciales durante mi entrevista, además me hizo ver y entender cosas que habían estado siempre ante mis ojos y a la vez pasado desapercibidas. Me hizo entender que si no conseguía alcanzar mi objetivo, no era un fracaso, sino una experiencia más y que siempre habría nuevas oportunidades. Finalmente conseguí el puesto de trabajo y posteriormente averigüé que fueron las entrevistas personales las que determinaron los candidatos que finalmente consiguieron los puestos de trabajo, ya que durante las pruebas de conocimiento la mayoría de los aspirantes mostraron un alto nivel.
En lo poco que he llegado a conocer a Alexandra, he conocido a una persona humilde con una sorprendente capacidad de hacer entender conceptos complejos de la forma más simple, de una sinceridad aplastante y que rápidamente conecta contigo en lo profesional y personal transmitiendo confianza y tranquilidad. Una magnifica profesional y excelente persona.

Daniel M.
Risk Analysis Senior Coordinator

I had the opportunity to meet Alexandra during a training organized by my company. In the meantime I did another one, and also some coaching sessions. Recently, Alexandra gave us a lecture as part of the International Women's Day.
All the training I attended were as a group and I admire her immense ability to identify the specific needs of each person in the group and to adapt the message and communication. One of the aspects that I appreciate most about Alexandra is her capability to make me see things from a different perspective, to make me challenge the standard mode of action and to create new habits and new neuronal circuits.
Alexandra has an immense knowledge in different areas and bases her explanations on the scientific research of several authors (which is important for someone like me who has a scientific background). Spending a few hours with Alexandra is equivalent to reading several books and keeping the relevant information.
Thanks to all her experience, advice and especially to that little seed she can always plant in my brain, my professional (and personal) life has changed and improved immensely. Creating new habits, facing some fears and leaving the comfort zone requires some effort and courage, but everything is possible with the right tools and structure. As Alexandra says, the good news is that our brain is plastic!

Rita Meirinhos
Senior Consultant N-Side

Alexandra was the greatest coach ever for me. I met her in a collective training session but she made a real personal difference for me. She came into my life at a time of changes and allowed me to reveal long-lived difficulties which I had to face and accept and eventually make the best of. I met her from time to time over a one-year period and things matured and crystallised, opening up several key avenues for growth and blossoming of my personality. She was a real midwife for my brains!

European Commission

Alexandra is a beautiful person, a great coach and a tremendously efficient consultant. We have been working with Alexandra for more than three years now on essentially two levels: personal development and team dynamics. Her impact on us as persons and on the company’s teams has been very important.
Company culture, personal development, team building, mission and vision, inter-personal skills, leadership… For any of those issues (and many more), Alexandra is a reference.

Cedric van den Abeele
Managing Director at Anglo Belge Special Risks

Company trainings rarely bring direct result for employee and company. This is not the case with Alexandra: she brings direct value. We are today actively using several tools we learned with customer focus and it really helps. By the way: the courses are fun 🙂

Mike Asselberg
Corporate Consultant / Business Architect at Worldline by Atos

Alexandra conducted a workshop for Waters as part of our sales management development program. She was an outstanding facilitator; her engaging and energetic style eliciting broad and enthusiastic participation from her audience. Her meticulous preparation and sound advice contributed to a very successful and productive experience for our management team.

Mike Harrington
Vice President, European & Asia Pacific Operations at Waters

My recommandation could be written by the 15 people attending the recent CSP training she managed in Brussels. Feedback of all my colleagues are excellent : excellent relation, trustable, challenging, honesty and integrity, helping attitude. Personally it was my 3rd CSP training in 16 years and it was again a pleasure to attend not only because of the content but also because of the way she managed the training. Thank you Alexandra: you reached my people and they’ll apply the CSP.

Business Development Manager – Industrial Operations chez Veolia

Even though I had already attended various other similar courses and hands-on experience, I was required to follow the course of Alexandra by Sony. I was very positive about Alexandra’s knowledge, positivism, passion and willingness to have people understand and use key managerial/communication skills. I surely recommend Alexandra for teams/people who would like hands-on assistance on managerial and communication skills. Also as a person she is great.

Stefan Lodeweyckx
Experienced all-round Manager in the high tech industry

Working with Alexandra, is like putting a mirror in front of us, showing things you don’t see. With her wonderful toolbox, she gives the energy to strengthen our team, to move forwards, to cross bridges, to understand the complexity of relationships and to help accomplish our personal and professional goals. She definitively is an added value to our management.

Sibylle van Havre
Finance & Admin at Anglo Belge Special Risks

I have worked with Alexandra on a number of projects and have known her in a professional capacity for approximately 2 years.
In particular she worked for our company designing and delivering Performance Management and Talent Management training to all our senior managers throughout our Group.
Alexandra is a strong, confident and extremely competent individual who not only has a very good level of academic ability but also has a very high level of emotional intelligence. She is also extremely charismatic. Not only is she an excellent trainer in terms of her delivery but she also has the ability to work flexibly and adapt the training to the needs of the Group, to develop a theme without notes and to have her audience totally focused.
Alexandra also worked closely with senior management on developing and delivering sales training to our sales teams and again also received very good feedback with individuals gaining more confidence generally and particularly in closing deals.

Charlotte White
Director at Executive Progress Ltd – UK

Alexandra is able to quickly gain the trust of a team through a pragmatic approach and an engaged and direct interaction style. I particularly appreciate her candid reflection and personal feedback after team meetings, which allowed me to get a better understanding of individuals in my team.

Dirk De Naeyer
Vice President Clinical Operations at Johnson & Johnson

I had the pleasure of attending a communications training delivered by Alexandra. Alexandra has the gift of capturing the attention of her trainees and is able to maintain it, bringing the most from her students and making them strive to learn more. This training was interactive and Alexandra was able to create an atmosphere of trust and giving the feeling of security, this bought even the timid out to the stage! This meant that all students learnt and developed without quiet people being left behind, this I have rarely seen.
I hope that I have the chance to follow another training from Alexandra like this in the future.

Chloe Fox
E-commerce Operations Manager, Media Markt

In my brief encounter with Alexandra on a training session regarding communication styles, she has left a lasting impression through her friendliness, her energy and her open-minded, interactive workstyle.
She put her talent of making people at ease within the training environment to good use, by motivating them to step out of their comfort zones, and learn/apply new techniques which can facilitate conflict resolution and negotiations.
An experience, which certainly made my colleagues and I question some of our professional reflexes.
What better education is there than the one generating a positive form of debate far beyond the training grounds?

Peter Rosseel
Service Parts Manager at Sony Europe Ltd.

Training and Coaching can be effective and successful only when it is provided by motivated and dedicated people. Alexandra is one of them. She has this “Plus” that will nurture the best out of you.

Ali Benhidjeb

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