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Training & Facilitation

After having trained, internationally, for 17 years on many different subjects ranging from Performance Management, Talent Management, Time Management, Social Styles in Communication, Sales, Leadership and all the soft skills that go along, I decided to dedicate myself to Leadership and Wellbeing.


When I look at Leadership, I see Energy and when I look at Energy I see Wellbeing and self Leadership. All are clearly intertwined and all require a variety of skills which I share in my trainings depending on the needs of the group.


Leadership is about authenticity, attention and persuasion according the latest research and publications. What do those words mean and what are the skills attached to those words ? Well, the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Neuro-Sciences and Communication give us a lot of answers. But how can we learn and develop these in a secure environment ? This is what we will explore and learn.


Wellbeing is also about Resilience and about your capacity to bounce back from failure, rejection, hardship, little and big traumas, in a nutshell life’s adversity. If a leader is not resilient he/she won’t be able to follow through. But what does it mean to be resilient and how can I build my resilience ? The fields of Positive Psychology, Neuro-Sciences, but also NLP can help us a lot to explore that muscle. Which life skills do I need to be resilient? This is what we will explore and learn.


Inevitably, Leadership and Wellbeing require Energy, so how does that fit in the picture? What sort of Energy do I need to follow through, to lead, to bounce back, to create ? This is an important part of my workshops as I believe that without energy nothing really flourishes. Energy and Wellbeing (physical, emotional, relational) are always at the back of any of my workshops.


Through all the feedbacks and recommendations I have received, I have come to realise that participants learn by what is shared, by what they do together as a group but also by my process in interacting with them. I am often amazed at how I will see them do things that were not part of the training but still part of their learning journey.

Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become. {Tony Robbins}