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Masterclass on Happiness

Promoting Happiness at work, the right way


There has been a growing interest, particularly since de pandemic, for the topics I have studied in the US with Harvard Professor Tal Ben Shahar and Psychologist Maria Sirois : Happiness/Wellbeing & Resilience.


As explained before, I train in depth on these topics but I also provide a Masterclass. A Masterclass is a 2 to 4 hours class where I cover the pillars of Happiness & Wellbeing based on Science and Academical Research. The reason I insist on that, is because the Science of Happiness is not about how to become a Happiness Chief Officer, or all these other fancy/marketing titles.


Positive Psychology is about understanding the difference between pleasure and happiness, what makes us truly happy, how it impacts our brain, how we can train our brain, and how these practices can make us happier, can make the people around us happier, can make our organisations happier and our communities. (Let’s dream a bit too: the World !) The practices that come from Positive Psychology are a way of living, that should be integrated in our personal lives and in the Leadership practices of an organisation, to create healthy and flourishing cultures for all.


There is numerous body evidence based on academic research on the impact these practices have on job satisfaction and mental health. The recent research across the world shows how meaningful work, growing, a sense of belonging are essential to job satisfaction and to a flourishing life. This emphasis on the workplace became even more salient with the pandemic and the Great Resignation led by millennials and Gen Z’ers.


A sense of self, a sense of purpose and relationships are at the heart of a Good Life and require a certain education. Promoting Wellbeing and Happiness in an organisation is not about offering nuts, fruits, meditation classes and disregarding culture, values and managerial practices. Promoting Wellbeing and Happiness in an organisation is about educating people about what makes them happy, what prevents them from being happy (through training and coaching) and developing internal practices that will give them a sense of self, a sense of growth, a sense of purpose and a sense of belonging. (and giving them nuts, fruits and meditation classes too 🙃)


The savvier that employers are about their people’s need for identity, belonging and growth at work, the better they’ll be able to help meet those needs—and hopefully retain their workers. {Manon DeFelice}