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Alexandra Karlović - Boston, USA. 2013.

A sane quarantine and growth in the process.

In the last two weeks I have been writing articles that actually, when put together, constitute a nice little list of strategies that can help you make the confinement more bearable and actually have lasting effects even after the quarantine 🙂

If you feel it is too heavy, please seek the help of a professional. We are not all equal when it comes

  1. Make your bed: first accomplishment of the day sets the tone for the rest of the day.
  2. Practice Gratitudewhy gratitude can support you and how can you start practicing it.
  3. Develop your empathy: why we need empathy and how empathy can help you develop greater gratitude.
  4. Avatar & Coronavirus: when science fiction shows us the importance of interconnectedness, empathy, solidarity, renaissance and begs the question how Coronavirus will have changed us.
  5. Why your values matter now: in this crisis, wherever you are, whatever your role, you can choose to lead. Your leadership is defined by your values. Having good values doesn’t mean the absence of boundaries.
  6. Cuomo & Coronavirus: Governor Cuomo is displaying outstanding leadership. What can you do to develop your leadership without being a Governor? What value that you control could become yours?
  7. Emotions & Coronavirus: you don’t know it but you might be experiencing grief. It’s normal. Sadness, anger, anxiety all of this is totally normal. Accepting what you feel is the key.
  8. Why fear is important: fear is a normal and useful emotion. Feeling it right now keeps you safe. Living in it constantly creates un-resourceful stress. Easier said than done for some and that’s ok. We are not all equal when it comes with dealing with adversity, it’s a learning curve and some of us have mental health issues that can make it these tips very challenging to apply.
  9. La Vita e Bella: what meaning are you giving to the Coronavirus pandemic and to begin with, to this quarantine you are facing? The stronger the meaning, the easier it will be to go through it.
  10. Solidarity: a little word for Italy to support our latin brothers in their battle. Italy who keeps displaying resilience, solidarity, creativity, art, all their savoir-faire, intelligence and what makes Italy, Italy in their path to overcoming Covid19.

What is your strategy? Do you do sports? Go out? Cook healthy? Do you have an online pilates class that leaves you with soar muscles like me? Do you journal? Meditate? Garden?

Please share below what you do that keeps you going. You will need it more as we progress in time, we will all need it because this is a marathon and we will win it by being perseverant and showing stamina. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay at home.

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